Gujarati, mother tongue of Mahatma Gandhi, is a Sanskrit-based business language. More than one hundred million people speak Gujarati. It is the official language of Gujarat, a state in India. It is also widely spoken in the State of Maharashtra (Bombay i.e. Mumbai), Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

It is spoken in most of the South Asian countries by Gujarati communities. Besides India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, Trinidad, Fiji, Surinam, Guyana & South Africa are the main nations where Gujarati communities are established. With opening up of Global Economies Gujaratis, particularly Shahs and Patels, have made a remarkable presence in USA, UK, UAE, Canada and other countries.

It is an International language, rich in literature, culture and theatre. It resembles to Hindi (Devanagri) script in form and structure except that Gujarati characters have no binding line at top of the letter.




Gujarati alphabets

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